Please contact IT support staff via Teams or Contact Numbers:

Hugo Lambrechts: 082 331 4465 or 021 530 1817
Jennifer Falkner: 082 337 9587
Jason Oxley: 071 678 9113

Email address that goes to all support staff: [email protected]

For further updates on events please see the iLink home page.
For staff working from home here are a couple of useful links.
(Sign in details are generally your email address and login password)

Accessing your email from Home:

The Mimecast Personal Port to Release Emails etc:

Accessing your One Drive for Business Account (Work or school should be your selection when signing in):

VPN Access:
Please refer to these VPN Access Manuals on how to connect your home desktop/laptop to your work desktop:
Windows 7 & 8 User Manual
Windows 10 User Manual


Download links for the FortiClient VPN Software for Windows & MacOS (Windows 10 users please refer to the manual above on how to install the FortiClient VPN software):
FortiClient VPN 6.4 for Windows
FortiClient VPN 6.4 for MacOS

Teamviewer Download Link (Staff with personal PC/Laptops Only):
Teamviewer for Windows