Our teams of professional engineers and technologists are equipped to provide full project management and structural engineering services on a wide range of built environment projects. There is a wealth of experience amongst our staff that empowers us to efficiently overcome all challenges that may arise. Our experience, combined with our ability to interact with the latest management, design and drawing software, ensures that our clients receive optimal development solutions. These solutions are within budget, yet do not compromise the high-quality standards that have become JG Afrika’s trademark.

The building industry brings many professionals, specialists, contractors and sub-contractors together. JG Afrika are strong team players as structural engineers and often act as coordinating lead consultants or project managers amongst this group. The structural team has a thorough understanding of each player’s contribution and the contracts that bind them together.

JG Afrika
Kraaifontein Integrated Waste Management Facility | JG Afrika

Residential Buildings

  • Multi-storey apartment blocks
  • Individual residential properties
  • Low-cost housing units
  • Hotels.

Public Buildings

  • Magistrate’s courts
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Police stations and warehouses
  • Military installations.

Commercial Buildings

  • Multi-storey office blocks
  • Multi-storey parking garages
  • Local and regional shopping centres
  • Office refurbishments
  • Structural reports on existing facilities.

Industrial Buildings

  • Light industrial structural steel warehouses
  • Heavy industrial structural steel manufacturing plants
  • Regional refuse transfer stations.

JG Afrika’s depth of certified bridge and culvert inspectors has given the company a wealth of experience to carry out condition assessments and forensic engineering testing on a wide range of road, rail and building structures. Damage is recorded and appropriate remedial action recommended to increase the working life of each affected element.

JG Afrika

Restoration and Rehabilitation

  • Restoration and stabilisation of historical buildings
  • Underpinning techniques
  • Crack repair methodologies.

Forensic Structural Engineers

  • Expert structural witnesses identifying:
  • Corrosive decay
  • Settlement and subsidence problems
  • Fire damage.

Farm structures, in the modern age, often require more than just the traditional covered facility to protect farm produce and machinery from the elements. Specialised structures with climate control to house livestock (poultry, rabbits, piggeries, milking parlours) and processing of agricultural produce requiring washing & sorting facilities, packaging plant, cold storage (meat, fruit  & vegetables) is becoming the order of the day. JG Afrika has the expertise to design poultry housing (chicken pens, layers) , pack houses incl. cold storage , stock watering dams, cattle dip tanks, sale yards & handling facilities, access roads and post-harvest facilities (grain silos, silage pits, storerooms).  Our team of qualified agricultural engineers and technicians have also provided site supervision and contract administration for the construction of a number of farm structure facilities.

JG Afrika

Farm Structural Units

  • Chicken pens
  • Pack houses
  • Stock watering dams
  • Cattle dip tanks
  • Cattle sales and handling facilities
  • Access roads
  • Post harvest facilities.

JG Afrika’s structural team has the experience to design and construction manage projects where solutions are required for new harbour quays, jetties, slipways and fendering systems. The team has the necessary experience and contacts to ensure that our clients’ needs are met both above and below sea level.

JG Afrika

Marine Engineering

  • Marine quay stabilisation
  • Jetty facilities
  • Fender specifications
  • Harbour restoration.

JG Afrika’s structural team is a substantial player in the renewable energy industry having been the responsible professional structural engineers for one of the tallest CSP towers in the world as well as designing and monitoring the construction of many photovoltaic and wind turbine energy production projects.

De Aar Pv Solar Farm | JG Afrika
JG Afrika

Site Identification and Evaluation

  • High level technical pre-feasibility assessment and fatal flaw identification
  • Geotechnical desktop studies
  • Materials investigations
  • Water resources
  • Environmental assessments
  • Transportation logistics studies
  • Application of permits, authorisations and licenses.

Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Road and stormwater design
  • Foundation design
  • Pavement engineering
  • Bulk earthworks and platforms
  • Stormwater management plans.

Contract Administration and Site Supervision

  • Tender documents, drawings, specifications and bills of quantities
  • Procurement and tender adjudication
  • Supervision of construction, assembly and commissioning
  • Environmental control officers.

Independent Project Engineer

  • Evaluation of compliance with funders’ advance conditions
  • Required approvals
  • Independent high level design review
  • Procurement management
  • Reporting on cost, time, quality and contract management
  • Assessment of monthly project finance draws.

Our mining clients have required many structural engineering solutions from minor to complex reinforced concrete or structural steel facilities. JG Afrika’s structural team have many years of experience in this field.

JG Afrika
JG Afrika
JG Afrika

Full Consulting Engineering Services For All Types Of Roads and Pavements

  • Haul roads
  • Service roads
  • Provincial roads
  • Intersections
  • Parking areas
  • Dust suppression agents
  • Gravel surfaces
  • Bituminous pavements
  • Provincial road authority approvals, way leaves and proclamation
  • Terraces for buildings and stockpiles, ramps, arrestor beds, brake testing facilities.


  • Airport master planning
  • Landing strips
  • Runways and taxiway systems
  • Aprons and helipads
  • Terminal facilities
  • Licensing and operational assistance
  • Compliance assessment.

Other Engineering and Related Services

  • Water and wastewater
  • Storage dams, tailing dams, liner designs
  • Structural designs
  • Foundations and plant civils
  • Weighbridges and wash bays
  • Ports and heavy storage areas.

Project Management Services

  • EPCM
  • FEL, FED, PM Bok project management
  • Initiation, pre-feasibility, feasibility, procurement implementation and maintenance

Our structural engineering team has designed and monitored the construction of civil structures throughout South Africa and across the neighbouring borders. The team has provided engineering services for large water treatment works, dam slipways, reservoirs, retaining walls and the like. The team often works closely with our geotechnical engineers to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Lephalale Bulk Water & Sewer Infrastruction | JG| Afrika

Civil Structures

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Concrete reservoirs
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Road and rail structures
  • Bridges.