Public Participation

On this page there is a list of the active and recently completed JG Afrika projects which invite public participation. To find information on a project, scroll down the page and click on the download links which will open the relevant report and project information. Should you be unable to obtain access to the available documents or should you wish to obtain further information on the project you can contact the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) responsible for that project.

To register as an Interested and Affected Party, please download and complete the relevant I&AP registration form and forward with your comments to the responsible EAP on the contact details provided.

More information regarding public participation processes can be obtained by downloading the PDF documents.

Purpose of undertaking a public participation process and role of a stakeholders in a public participation process.

  • Guideline on public participation.
  • Environmental authorisation, licence and permit applications – generic timeframes.
  • Appeal procedures.