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Our agricultural engineering section has expertise and experience in a wide range of services within the agricultural sector. These include undertaking soil surveys and agricultural potential assessments, feasibility studies for small- and large-scale irrigation projects, including water resources assessments, abstraction design, runoff and soil conservation protection design and environmental impact assessments, along with the economic assessment of the project. Further to this, the section has experience in the detail design, implementation and construction supervision of different types of irrigation (centre pivot, dragline, flood and drip), livestock infrastructure, packing sheds, rabbitries, dairies and tea plantations.

JG Afrika has undertaken the feasibility assessment, design and implementation of a number of irrigation schemes. Feasibility studies have included water resources assessments to assess the availability of water for an irrigation scheme, soil survey and agricultural potential assessments to identify land and crop suitability and crop water requirements for irrigation, irrigation scheduling, preliminary design of bulk and in-field infrastructure and economic analysis of options. Design of the required irrigation schemes have included design of river and dam abstraction points, design of small dams, design of associated infrastructure (access and infield roads, building structures),design of soil conservation structures and production of runoff management plans and the design and selection of the appropriate irrigation type (flood, sprinkler, centre pivot, micro or drip). Our team of qualified agricultural engineers and technicians have also provided site supervision and contract administration for the construction of a number of irrigation schemes.

JG Afrika

Irrigation Scheme Design

  • Infield irrigation layout
  • Pipelines
  • Pump stations
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Irrigation scheduling.

JG Afrika has undertaken a large number of soils investigations as part of agricultural development projects. This has involved the use of our in-house soil scientists who undertake desktop assessments, large scale soil auguring assessments (including associated social interactions with communities and farmers), taxonomic classification, land use and capability assessments, agricultural potential assessments, soil mapping, soil ecotope classification, soil fertility and salinity assessments and soil texture classification. Studies that JG Afrika have been involved with have been small site specific assessments (0 to 100 ha) all the way up to regional assessments across entire District Municipality areas where areas of up to 8 500 ha have been assessed.

JG Afrika

Soil Investigations

  • Taxonomic classifications
  • Land use and capability assessments
  • Agricultural potential assessments
  • Soil mapping
  • Soil ecotope classification
  • Soil fertility assessments
  • Soil salinity assessments
  • Soil texture classification.

Farm structures, in the modern age, often require more than just the traditional covered facility to protect farm produce and machinery from the elements. Specialised structures with climate control to house livestock (poultry, rabbits, piggeries, milking parlours) and processing of agricultural produce requiring washing & sorting facilities, packaging plant, cold storage (meat, fruit  & vegetables) is becoming the order of the day. JG Afrika has the expertise to design poultry housing (chicken pens, layers) , pack houses incl. cold storage , stock watering dams, cattle dip tanks, sale yards & handling facilities, access roads and post-harvest facilities (grain silos, silage pits, storerooms).  Our team of qualified agricultural engineers and technicians have also provided site supervision and contract administration for the construction of a number of farm structure facilities.

JG Afrika

Farm Structural Units

  • Chicken pens
  • Pack houses
  • Stock watering dams
  • Cattle dip tanks
  • Cattle sales and handling facilities
  • Access roads
  • Post harvest facilities.