JG Afrika assists SANRAL with road markings in Free State

JG Afrika assists SANRAL with road markings in Free State | JG AfrikaJG Afrika (Pty) Ltd assisted the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) raise the quality of road markings on the national road network by introducing performance-based marking contracts on its projects.

The client was concerned that there have been too many instances where road markings have deteriorated long before their specified 18 to 24-month lifespan. Under this system, payment is only made to the contractor once it has been ascertained that the paint complies with minimum standards. This approach is, therefore, expected to significantly improve the quality of markings on the road network.

A trial was undertaken in the Free State where line length of the tolled sections of the project is 600 km and the non-tolled roads 850 km, and they are being undertaken as separate projects.

JG Afrika worked alongside Tshwane-based City Markings, which also tested a water-based paint on a seven-kilometre non-performance-based section of road in Welkom. One of the biggest advantages of this marking technology is its ability to provide improved glass bead retention to extend retro-reflectivity and evening visibility, while protracted whiteness increases the reflective traits of the markings during the day.

Moreover, it is safer to work with, easier to clean and considered a “greener” alternative to its chemical-based counterparts.
Meanwhile, a tried-and-tested thermoplastic paint was applied on the performance-based sections of the project.
The project is not without its challenges, not least of which are the cold winter temperatures that can reach minus eight degrees Celsius in the province.

This can negatively impact morale of teams on site, while the cold paint also clogs the pipes of the application machines and careful planning and preparation is, therefore, required to avoid delaying the project.
Moreover, JG Afrika and City Markings had to closely coordinate their work with other road maintenance teams operating in the province.