JG Afrika are pleased to announce the following staff promotions

JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd, a leading multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy are thrilled to announce the promotion of the following members of the team, Sanjay Maharaj and Duane Petersen to Technical Director , Jefrey Pilusa, Emma Day, Bobby Jarratt and Michael Manson-Kullin to Executive Associate, Brent Dewar to Associate.


Sanjay Maharaj | JG Afrika
Sanjay Maharaj

Sanjay Maharaj has over 25 years of diverse experience working in both the private sector and for government. This has placed him good stead when interacting with Provincial, District and Local government officials in executing his duties for JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd.

Currently he manages many large water projects in KwaZulu-Natal and undertakes condition assessments and verification for various government departments in the province. His functions also include providing comprehensive infrastructure support to local municipalities. This includes, project management, administrative, financial, technical, business development and legal assistance.

Sanjay Maharaj remains extremely passionate about rural infrastructure development, especially in impoverished areas of the country and in addition to his many business development initiatives, Sanjay is also proud of his involvement as a mentor to various young professionals over the years.

Duane Petersen | JG Afrika
Duane Petersen

Duane Petersen, a professionally registered Civil Engineer and a graduate from the University of Cape Town, started his career with JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd in 2005.

After 16 years with the firm, Duane has had the opportunity to work with almost all the company’s departments and with many of JG Afrika’s senior managers. “I have had an incredible opportunity to work with very experienced and accomplished engineers, who immediately gained my respect, trust, and loyalty. I have tried to emulate their traits throughout my career,” Duane says.

Some of his milestone projects include the development of a river management plan for Stellenbosch Local Municipality; masterplanning for the upgrades to the stormwater system in Mitchell’s Plain and Delft; and most recently the detailed design and documentation for the taming of a river to unlock a large parcel of land for development while providing ecological aesthetics to the local community.

Jefrey Pilusa | JG Afrika
Jefrey Pilusa

Jefrey Pilusa, a process engineer and solid waste management specialist, has joined JG Afrika’s Executive team following his recent promotion to an Executive Associate.

Pilusa is a qualified chemical engineer with 15 years’ experience, registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and United Kingdom Engineering Council as an international Professional Engineer and Chartered Engineer, respectively.

Pilusa joined JG Afrika in 2016 as a solid waste engineer and undertook various alternative waste treatment technology projects in this capacity.
Pilusa is passionate about alternative waste treatment, alternative biofuels, and sustainable use of natural resources. He believes appropriate application of innovative waste treatment solutions will transform the waste sector and unlock multiple opportunities. This will boost the local economy and attract foreign investment into engineering infrastructure to create sustainable job opportunities. It will also address the challenges associated with unsustainable land and water use, as well as the provision of food and energy security.

Emma Day | JG Afrika
Emma Day

Emma Day started her career with JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd in 2009, as a graduate Civil Engineer after receiving a bursary from the firm. Fast forward 12 years and Emma’s extensive skills and experience have been deployed on many of JG Afrika’s successful geometric design, municipal and structural maintenance projects.

Emma obtained her professional registration from the Engineering Council of South Africa in 2013 and was promoted to Associate in 2017. In the same year, she completed JG Afrika’s Accelerate Development Programme paving the way forward for her appointment as an Executive Associate.

Some of the notable projects Emma has worked on include the addition of a second carriageway to the N4 along the Bakwena Platinum Corridor and working as the Project Engineer on the continual maintenance of the major structures along the Bakwena Network. Emma has also been involved in the realignment of several community access roads both South Africa and Mozambique.

Over the years Emma has been privileged to have many great mentors who have played a pivotal part in growing her career. In her new role Emma plans to continue JG Afrika’s legacy of providing excellent training and mentorship to young engineers. Through this she hopes to make a meaningful contribution to skills development in South Africa.

Bobby Jarratt | JG Afrika
Bobby Jarratt

Bobby Jarratt started his career with JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd in 2008, as an Engineer being based in the Cape Town offices’ Structural division. Over the years, Bobby’s extensive structural design experience has been deployed on many successful JG Afrika projects, including large civil engineering structures, such as road and pedestrian bridges and wastewater treatment works.

Some of the highlights of his career include the design review of the 50MW Khi Solar One Tower, the tallest concentrated solar power tower in the world at the time, and the design of the Crocodile River Bridge. This was Jarratt’s first large bridge project for JG Afrika and, as a good problem solver, he has since nurtured a passion for these technically complex projects.

Jarratt also continues to help mentor younger members of the JG Afrika team. This is an aspect of his job that he continues to enjoy, considering the large contribution that the strong mentorship he received from senior JG Afrika staff made to his professional growth and development.
“This, combined with the continuous support that I receive from my peers and ongoing interactions with very knowledgeable specialists on multi-disciplinary projects, provides an ideal environment in which to learn, perform at my best and to succeed,” he concludes.

Michael Manson-Kullin | JG Afrika
Michael Manson-Kullin

Michael Manson-Kullin, a professionally registered civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in a broad spectrum of civil engineering, project management and renewable energy, joined JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd in 2007 in the Municipal Infrastructure Division in Cape Town.

Among many other projects, Michael has been responsible for the design of the civil infrastructure required for Zone 4, the Training and Academic Cluster, of the Coega Industrial Development Zone. Michael has also worked in the renewable energy sector, gaining experience in projects with wind turbine generators and solar photovoltaic infrastructure. His renewable energy experience includes the compilation of prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, undertaking engineering design and the project implementation stage.

Michael is currently focusing on work in the housing and retirement accommodation market as the project review consultant / independent project supervisor on several large-scale housing developments and retirement facilities.

In March 2014, Michael was promoted to the position of Associate and in 2021, promoted to the position of Executive Associate.

Brent Dewar | JG Afrika
Brent Dewar

Brent Dewar, a qualified Engineering Technologist based at the Johannesburg branch, has over 20 years of experience leading, providing support and participating in large multi-disciplinary planning and design teams, with a specific focus on urban and civil infrastructure for metropolitan and local municipalities, private developers and mining clients.

A dynamic and focused member of the JG Afrika team, Brent always strives for high performance and efficiencies that are required to achieve balanced and collaborative outcomes and he remains very passionate about community-based engineering projects in which people are centred around the solutions.

One of Brent’s flagship projects for JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd included upgrading all external infrastructure in Linbropark Extension 190 for the successful operation of two new warehouses in the area.

Brent also enjoys guiding, mentoring, and developing young engineers and colleagues. This includes imparting practical knowledge that is only gained in later years to help them focus and excel in both their careers and personal lives.


Members of the JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd board congratulate the team on their recent accomplishment and know that their expertise and experience will enhance the firm’s existing standing as a leading multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy.