JG Afrika Western Cape projects excel at SAICE Awards

JG Afrika

JG Afrika’s New Horizons Energy project and 145 Kloof Road residential property development at the foot of Lion’s Head both secured awards in the Western Cape programme of this year’s prestigious annual South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) Awards.

This year’s panel of judges agreed that the New Horizons Energy Project in Athlone met all of these criteria. This project showcases the important role that engineers play in overcoming complex challenges, further motivating the decision to award it the overall winner of the Western Cape branch programme.

JG Afrika was part of the team that comprised project initiators and developers, as well as the engineer, procure and construct contractor. The leading firm of engineers and environmental consultants undertook site-development planning, traffic and transportation, as well as the civil and structural contract and design elements of the integrated waste-management project.

JG Afrika also integrated certain designs with environmental and building plans, undertook essential stormwater and effluent-management planning. The firm was also the lead consultant in the mechanical, electrical, IT, ventilation and fire teams, as well as for architectural and building plan approvals.

JG Afrika’s second entry, the residential property development at 145 Kloof Road in Clifton, was runner-up.

As the civil and structural engineer for this project, JG Afrika designed a reinforced-concrete box comprising internal tension anchors to resist horizontal forces and vertical piles to intercept the slip-circle plane to excavate a three-level basement for the structure. The excavation method was adapted to implement a shored excavation using a three-dimensional structural steel girder system.

This system replaced conventional anchored-wall stabilisation methods, which were not possible due to boundary restrictions and the close proximity of neighbouring high-value properties.

The 5 000 m³ excavation was undertaken at the foot of Lions Head, characterised by sensitive ground conditions, requiring thorough co-ordination of construction activities and ongoing slope monitoring during the two-year construction phase.

These achievements coincide with JG Afrika’s 95th anniversary this year, and the two projects also demonstrate the company’s ongoing  evolution, innovative ability and technical excellence, as it keeps pace with fluctuations in demand, the industry and customer requirements.