JG Afrika is pleased to announce promotions of team members.

JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd, a leading multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy, is pleased to announce the promotion of Robyn Tompkins to Technical Director; Zama Xaba and Suvritha Ramphal to Executive Associate; Adrian Johnson to Associate and Allison Maud and Tasneem Vawda join us an Associate.

Robyn Tompkins


Robyn Tompkins is an internationally recognised Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and development expert. Among her career highlights was working on the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Southern Africa Environmental Program (SAREP). 

Robyn also served as Botswana’s national Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water consultant, a World Health Organisation project, and the senior WASH advisor to the USAID Resilient Waters Program (RWP).

Another one of her career highlights was helping to develop the National Sanitation Roadmap for Botswana, which is being implemented.

Robyn also made a significant contribution to firmly establishing JG Afrika’s presence in Botswana. The Botswana office’s very first project entailed bringing a secure source of water to 1 500 people and resulted in a new water governance model for rural water supply in Botswana.


Zama Xaba

Zama Xaba has participated in many remarkable JG Afrika wastewater projects. A case in point is the upgrade of the Stercus Building in 2019, a project that she was involved in from start to completion. The handling and disposal of sewage at the facility were mechanised to improve municipal staff working conditions.

In 2021, Zama was appointed as a Blue and Green Drop auditor, with her mentor Chris Wise, a Technical Director at JG Afrika.

Moreover, she participated in the Department of Public Works’ development of the Sludge Management Plan.

Zama is currently managing two large wastewater-treatment projects, both with a construction value of more than R1-billion, on behalf of the City of Cape Town.


Suvritha Ramphal

Suvritha Ramphal has also earned an enviable reputation for the high quality of her work in water and sanitation.

In 2015, Suvritha worked in the Botswana office to participate in a project that was assessing the investment opportunities of the vast Okavango Delta.

She was seconded to the USAID Resilient Waters Program (RWP) as the WASH Specialist. Suvritha helped to design and develop projects that led to improvements in decision making for local municipalities and national water ministries in fostering bi-lateral relationships between countries. This is in addition to building resilience in communities, as well as local and national government and transboundary water forums.


Adrian Johnson

Adrian Johnson, a Professional Technologist and a recently appointed Associate, joined JG Afrika in 2017. Adrian holds a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Pretoria, a BTech degree in Civil Engineering from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and completed a Masters’ degree in Transport Studies at the University of Cape Town.

He currently heads the Transport division in Cape Town and brings to JG Afrika over 17 years of experience and extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of engineering projects.


Allison Maud


Allison Maud is a professionally registered engineer with 32 years’ experience in the civil engineering field and with over 30 years’ experience working with Municipal Authorities in the provision of Infrastructure Services in all aspects of the project cycle.

Prior to joining JG Afrika, Allison had her own practice and has since joined JG Afrika as an Associate in the water team in Pietermaritzburg.


Tasneem Vawda

Tasneem Vawda is a professionally registered structural engineer and project manager based in our Cape Town branch. In October 2022, she joined JG Afrika as an Associate, bringing with her extensive expertise in building and bridge structures.

Having initially worked in the public sector designing structures for the nuclear industry, Tasneem has since transitioned into consulting engineering and developed capabilities primarily in the design of bridge structures.




Members of the JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd board congratulate team members on their recent accomplishment and know that their expertise and experience will enhance the firm’s existing standing as a leading multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy.