Collection of inventory data for road-asset register Roads Western Cape

JG Afrika

JG Afrika has been appointed by the Western Cape Department of Transport & Public Works to collect roads inventory data for its new, sophisticated road-asset register.

This project builds on our long legacy providing state-of-the-art traffic and transportation services. These include transportation modelling and economics and benefit analysis, flow optimisation, growth forecasting, level of service (LOS) and capacity and road-safety studies, in addition to roundabout operation and design, route determination, traffic signal timings and optimisation.

Significantly more detailed than its predecessor, the new road-asset register will provide the provincial government with an accurate measure of the value of its road assets.

Compiling the road-asset register is an extensive undertaking that covers about 4 000 kilometres and includes all trunk, main, divisional and minor routes in the West Coast District Municipality.

Information is pre-recorded on a tablet and verified on site by ticking set boxes on a software program. The data are then uploaded onto the Department of Transport & Public Works’ central system and signed off by a JG Afrika team leader.

We started with the most complex aspect of the project, namely logging and collating the numerous visible features, such as markings, guardrails, culverts and services, along the about 2 000 km of trunk and main roads.

This is an extensive undertaking considering that a short 23 km section of the R55, for example, has more than 600 visual features and a 12,5 km portion on the R40 has just under 300 road items that had to be verified.

Many digital pages, each with up to 15 lines of visible road items, have already been generated for the trunk roads component of the project.

Precisely collating the many different visible features, especially in built-up areas along the road network, also relies upon high levels of precision.