JG Afrika was appointed by Intsika Yethu Municipality to carry out the project management, design, procurement and construction monitoring for the upgrading of the Tsomo roads and stormwater drainage.

The road designs consists of Class C roadways with premix surfacing in higher trafficked areas and Class D roadways with premix surfacing in predominately residential areas.

As a result of urbanisation, the speed of the catchment response has increased, resulting in a higher peak discharge. The stormwater management system, specifically the “dual drainage system” concept for minor and major storms form the main elements of the Tsomo drainage system. Hence for the less frequent but larger rainfall events the stormwater runoff is now conveyed within roadways towards open areas and servitudes away from structures and other assets.

The stormwater will be managed by means of a combination of concrete pipes and reinforced concrete channels.The run-off will be split into sub catchments which will drain to the existing water course.