JG Afrika’s team of road maintenance engineers are working on one of the first South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) projects to use performance-based marking contracts. This project in the Free State serves as a trial ahead of the introduction of performance-based contracts on all of the agency’s future maintenance projects.

The client is concerned that there have been too many instances where road markings have deteriorated long before their specified 15-year lifespan. Under this new system, payment is only made to the contractor once it has been ascertained that the paint complies with minimum standards.

The line length is 500 km and 850 km on the tolled and the non-tolled roads respectively.

JG Afrika is working alongside City Markings, which is also testing a water-based paint on a seven-kilometre non-performance-based section of road in Welkom.

For purposes of comparison, a tried-and-tested thermoplastic paint is being applied on the performance-based sections of the project.