JG Afrika helped the Abu Dhabi-based firm DCN Offshore do geotechnical investigations of a Malaysian-operated power station site on the Sinai Peninsula that borders on the Mediterranean. The project entailed assessing the ground conditions below the intake and outlet GRP pipes that deliver seawater to the plant, which is then used to cool the turbines before the water is returned to the sea.

The plant is located in an area of significantly adverse ground conditions. All significant structures were piled to depths of between 32 and 47 m in order to limit differential settlement. Unfortunately sections of the GRP pipeline were not piled, despite the poor ground conditions, and as the pipe settled, there was leaking along the joints as well as serious surface leaks.

Our multidisciplinary team established that the leaks were attributable to the operational vibrations of the pipes effectively liquefy the surrounding bedding material and worked with DCN Offshore to suggest remediation solutions.