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The existing ash dump site is running out of space and Eskom has therefore decided to commission a new 30-year ash dump to provide Kendal Power Station with ashing capacity until the end of its 60 years of life.

Zitholele JV, comprising JG Afrika, Zitholele Consulting and Golder Associates, was appointed to undertake the extension of the ADF and appurtenant structures.

JG Afrika undertook the basic and detail design of a pollution control dam complex as well as a clean water dam complex. These are earth-fill dams with an engineered barrier, lining the basin and slopes. Silt traps are to be located upstream to contain most of the silt that is still suspended in the inflow streams.

In addition to these works we were tasked with modifying an existing farm dam wall, by lowering the existing dam wall to disconnect it from other water bodies upstream. The dam is, however, required to maintain the downstream wetland as far as is reasonably possible through seepage at a rate that will sustain the current conditions in the wetland.