• The City of Tshwane has ten Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) within its jurisdiction. These WWTW release their final effluent into various rivers within the Tshwane Metropolitan area.

The aquatic section of JG Afrika was appointed to conduct the biomonitoring and toxicity testing for rivers receiving effluent from these treatment works.

The scope of work includes SASS5 biomonitoring, on site and laboratory water quality measurement, algal biomass determination as well as all-inclusive toxicity testing. The biomonitoring assessment was conducted biannually using accepted River Health Program protocols. Water samples were collected at the same time in order to determine the prevailing water quality conditions at the time of sampling. The toxicity testing component provided an integrated assessment of the potential effects of domestic waste discharge on river health.

JG Afrika was appointed to conduct the study over a period of three years and the various results and recommendations were provided to the City of Tshwane after each sampling event.